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You've stumbled upon AIR THAT GROOVES, a humble podcast run by Ruhee, a high school student in Calgary, Canada who also manages Rewriting History. Each week, you'll find a conveniently downloadable half-hour episode with songs centred around a particular theme as well as factoids, band info, and other cool stuff.

The music is from many different genres and there isn't a fixed limit to what will be played on the show. Check out for an idea of what your 'caster is listening to, and don't judge by the idea: listen first! You might be surprised at what you like.

AIR THAT GROOVES will be updated on Sundays, barring any kind of unfortunate circumstances (of which you'll be notified via a post here on this journal). If you are curious, the master list of songs used in all 'casts is here; individual episode posts also include their playlist in order. Scroll down to check those out.

As always, please comment with your thoughts, suggestions and any other type of feedback you might have, and of course spread the word to everyone you know!
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