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Episode 7: The Birthday Edition

Well, I am back from Toronto, and I am safe and sound. The audition went really well, and I managed to sneak in a great meetup with a bunch of people, many (or all?) of whom listen to this podcast. So woohoo.

On top of that, I am totally on time with Episode #7, so CHECK THAT OUT.

This episode runs just under 31 minutes. Download it here and please tag with Episode #7. This one is for my birthday, so it has a very loose theme - Ruhee's favourite songs! Technically that is the premise of this entire podcast, but this was basically just a bunch of songs I love love love and really wanted to share. So there you are.


Bedouin Soundclash "Living in Jungles"
Big & Rich "Rollin'"
Great Big Sea "Beat the Drum"
Sloan "Take Good Care of the Poor Boy"
Dave Brubeck Quartet "Blue Rondo à la Turk"
Tim McGraw "Something Like That"

Sloan "She Says What She Means"
I actually can't remember if I used anything else. I think I just rambled on what I knew.
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