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Episode 11: You & Your Bright Ideas

This is an 'experimental' episode. See how you like it. I'm trying to make things interesting :)

The book from which I read is the anthology You & Your Bright Ideas: New Montreal Writing, edited by Andy Brown & rob mclennan. You can find the text file including all the excerpts here to download. Please be wise about this, as I don't own any copyrights.

Episode 11 runs thirty-one minutes and change, and is available right here.


Miles Davis "So What"
-- Masarah Van Eyck "Miles Davis' Choices"
-- Susan Elmslie, from "I, Nadja"
(The Real) Tuesday Weld "La Bête et la belle"
The Polyphonic Spree "Section 12 (Hold Me Now)"
-- Dean Irvine "Drawing for the Dance of a Grieving Child"
Ellis & Branford Marsalis "Maria"
-- Masarah Van Eyck "Scent"
Buck 65 "Killed By a Horse" (clip)/"Tired Out"
-- Susan Elmslie "The Slenderness of Forgetting"


This book and respective authors (LOTS)
Sloan "She Says What She Means"
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Very very very cool episode! Sometimes I couldn't hear you, though :(
Thank you thank you! Where could you not hear me? I had some funky times trying to work out the mix levels, I probably turned everything up higher than normal so I can hear it but nobody else can :\
Um, "I, Nadja" and "Drawing for the Dance of a Grieving Child" were really bad but most of them were pretty hard to hear except the one about miles davis.
Trippay! I'm gonna listen to this one twice. :)


April 24 2006, 19:41:22 UTC 10 years ago

Keep on experimenting, Ruhee! That was very beat of you.

Polyphonic Spree sounds remarkable good for a 875 person band.

barb the bad tempered zombie