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Episode 13: O Canada

I'm not dead!

So just to update you on my life, as school has been winding down, I've been getting busier. I had three jobs on the go at one point. Now there's only two, but seeing as Stampede is coming up (which is one of them), I'm working for three straight weeks at said various occupations. Good times. What summer?

That's not the reason I haven't updated in two months, but I won't get into that, because either way, no podcast = lame. BUT I'M BACK NOW!

Happy belated Canada Day. I recorded and started to put this thing together yesterday, but I ran into a couple of hiccups, so it was shoved to this morning. My apologies. However, it's done, and you can check it out right here! Please tag as usual (Air That Grooves - Episode #13) and save to your own computer, thanks, it eats bandwidth. (If you're catching this journal entry AS it was posted, please wait about ten minutes for everything to finish uploading, sometimes it takes longer than anticipated)

There should be another two casts in the next week and a half or so provided all my Stampede shifts aren't in the middle of the day. Look out for that. Look out also for SHAMELESS magazine, featuring ... um ... me. I am one of three girl podcasters interviewed for the July issue and it will be pretty awesome, I promise.


The Tragically Hip "Fireworks"
The Joel Plaskett Emergency "True Patriot Love"
Buck 65 "Wicked and Weird"
Raymond Lévèsque "Quand les hommes vivront d'amour"
Sloan "Tell Me Something I Don't Know"
Big Sugar "O Canada"

Sloan "She Says What She Means"
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