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THE PODCAST! [January 1, 2010 | 1:00 am]
You've stumbled upon AIR THAT GROOVES, a humble podcast run by Ruhee, a high school student in Calgary, Canada who also manages Rewriting History. Each week, you'll find a conveniently downloadable half-hour episode with songs centred around a particular theme as well as factoids, band info, and other cool stuff.

The music is from many different genres and there isn't a fixed limit to what will be played on the show. Check out last.fm for an idea of what your 'caster is listening to, and don't judge by the idea: listen first! You might be surprised at what you like.

AIR THAT GROOVES will be updated on Sundays, barring any kind of unfortunate circumstances (of which you'll be notified via a post here on this journal). If you are curious, the master list of songs used in all 'casts is here; individual episode posts also include their playlist in order. Scroll down to check those out.

As always, please comment with your thoughts, suggestions and any other type of feedback you might have, and of course spread the word to everyone you know!
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Episode 15: Best Concerts of 2006 [January 13, 2007 | 10:55 pm]
I know. What!

I bet you all thought this was dead. I did too, and then tonight I was sitting here and going "You know, I miss podcasting." So I'm back! I talk a lot more in this episode, I'm sorry, I hope it isn't too ridiculous (haha).

Anyway this is a bit of a retrospective on the past year, which music geeks love to do. It's five of the top artists I've seen live this year, but not necessarily the DEFINITE top five ... artists such as the Bicycles, Great Big Sea, Feist, Dan Bern and the Meligrove Band are not in this podcast but they were also terrific live, so they get Extremely Honourable Mentions.

I haven't quite worked out the uploading again, so for the moment this podcast is going to be on YouSendIt, but hopefully everything will get ironed out soon. In the meantime you can download it here! It runs around 28 minutes. The new theme song is the Meligrove Band! I think it works kinda well actually.

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Argh. [August 24, 2006 | 6:11 pm]
Hi listeners, all ... three of you!

I was working on a podcast. And I even sliced a song out of the two-and-a-half-hour CBC Radio 3 broadcast that I recorded on the weekend where I had requested a song FOR THIS SHOW. And then my version of GoldWave, which is DUMB, and new, decided to again save everything at the wrong sample rate. So I'm not a happy camper.

I'm going to see about getting an older version of the program because I worked with that one mostly and it doesn't temperamentally change sampling on you (which is nice, because then I don't sound like a garbled computer feed). Unfortunately, that means I won't have this podcast up today. This is lame. I had hoped to send myself off with a good one.

I guess you will just have to wait.

I have new recording equipment, though! In form of most portable mp3 player and recorder ever! So I will definitely be able to do more of these in Toronto provided I have somewhere to sit and talk for twenty minutes or so. :)

Tomorrow morning is my flight to Toronto so you won't hear from me for a while. Until then, take care of yourselves!
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BREAKING NEWS! [July 28, 2006 | 8:25 pm]
Shameless magazine is out! And I am in it! This is exciting news.

You can download the .pdf file of the article here. Other podcasters featured prominently in said article are Allegra (xsingitback) and Mae (Sheep2Ewe). Go check them out too.

With this article comes also some new ideas. Besides loads of music (that I'm not really allowed to play, but so far, the audience has been small enough that the recording industry isn't after my butt; I have, however, been building up a collection of legally playable music, so hopefully in the next few episodes the playlist will start going thataway), what else do you guys like hearing? News? Weird stories? Comedy? What do you all listen to? Shout out. I want to know.

More episodes on the way. Thanks for the support, everybody!
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Episode 14: The Stampede Aftermath [July 25, 2006 | 8:13 pm]
The sample rate SHOULD be fixed. Please let me know if it plays at the right speed now. I think I got everything working, but you never know. Sorry about that mix-up!

Howdy, folks.

The Stampede has been over for more than a week now, so this is a retrospective, not a cowboy-up-and-yeehaw type of deal. I mean, if you want it to be, then go for it. But just so you know.

Episode 14 clocks in at 28 minutes, which is strange, because there are definitely only five songs in it. Maybe I just talked too long this time. Whatever the reason, you can download it here. Please SAVE it, instead of listening to it from the server, and ID3-tag it as "Episode #14" - thanks. It isn't zipped because I'm doing this on my new laptop (!!) and it hasn't got WinZip installed yet, haha.

Still haven't got Shameless magazine yet. Apparently the article is in fact in it though. That is always a good sign. I haven't been able to track it down at Chapters, but it's listed as being sold at McNally Robinson, so I'm going to head down there this week and check it out. If not, I might be a while, as I have to get it online when it becomes a back issue or something like that ... we'll see. If any of you get a copy of it, please buy me one! :)

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Episode 13: O Canada [July 2, 2006 | 8:35 am]
I'm not dead!

So just to update you on my life, as school has been winding down, I've been getting busier. I had three jobs on the go at one point. Now there's only two, but seeing as Stampede is coming up (which is one of them), I'm working for three straight weeks at said various occupations. Good times. What summer?

That's not the reason I haven't updated in two months, but I won't get into that, because either way, no podcast = lame. BUT I'M BACK NOW!

Happy belated Canada Day. I recorded and started to put this thing together yesterday, but I ran into a couple of hiccups, so it was shoved to this morning. My apologies. However, it's done, and you can check it out right here! Please tag as usual (Air That Grooves - Episode #13) and save to your own computer, thanks, it eats bandwidth. (If you're catching this journal entry AS it was posted, please wait about ten minutes for everything to finish uploading, sometimes it takes longer than anticipated)

There should be another two casts in the next week and a half or so provided all my Stampede shifts aren't in the middle of the day. Look out for that. Look out also for SHAMELESS magazine, featuring ... um ... me. I am one of three girl podcasters interviewed for the July issue and it will be pretty awesome, I promise.

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Sorry, dear friends [May 8, 2006 | 8:54 pm]
Hello everybody.

Just a heads-up that I'm a little tired of the same-old that's going on here at Air That Grooves, so I'm kind of trying to rethink the format and how I put things together in an effort to make things a little more interesting and different.

Please bear with me, I'll probably have episodes every two weeks while I work things out. If you have any suggestions I welcome them very gratefully!

Thanks to all of you.
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Episode 12: The Good Old Hockey Game [May 1, 2006 | 8:59 pm]
That's right, friends, we are in the midst of Round 1 of the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs (although if you weren't already aware, you may just be living in a hole). And so, what better way to celebrate than creating a podcast?

I'm just not made for bars and beer, kids.

Anyway, Episode 12 runs a little over half an hour and you can check it out right here. It's been a strange night for podcasting - I did the entire episode, accidentally saved it as a temp in the wrong drive and promptly erased it, so I had to redo the entire file. In the meantime, the Edmonton Oilers beat the crap out of the Detroit Redwings (who, by the way, were leading 2-0 for two periods and then got eliminated with a final game tally of 4-3, and a 4-2 series!). WHAT! That's bananas.

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Episode 11: You & Your Bright Ideas [April 16, 2006 | 3:19 pm]
This is an 'experimental' episode. See how you like it. I'm trying to make things interesting :)

The book from which I read is the anthology You & Your Bright Ideas: New Montreal Writing, edited by Andy Brown & rob mclennan. You can find the text file including all the excerpts here to download. Please be wise about this, as I don't own any copyrights.

Episode 11 runs thirty-one minutes and change, and is available right here.

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Episode 10: The Blue Day Mix [April 11, 2006 | 8:09 pm]
We all have crappy times, and sometimes the best way to snap out of a blue funk is to listen to some kickass happy music. Feeling down? Air That Grooves saves the day!

OK, for real though - if you're having a terrible day, check out Episode 10 and let us try to help. If you're not, well, dance around in ecstasy? Something for everyone, I hope.

Episode 10 runs about half an hour and is essentially not that unique in artist composition this time but is fairly fun and happy, which is the idea, in case any of you are feeling low. Smile and party for the next thirty minutes and then hit play again and do it all over! You can download it here.

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Episode 9: Your Pre-Junos Primer [April 2, 2006 | 10:20 am]
So tonight is Juno night, and for those of you listening from outside Canada, that would be the Canadian music awards. Just in case you are not too familiar with what is going on in Junoland this year, Episode 9 will help you out a bit - showcasing some of the nominees for tonight's awards, including Single of the Year, Alternative Album of the Year and Vocal Jazz Album of the Year.

What are you waiting for? Episode 9 runs 28 minutes and can be downloaded right here. FYI that all previous episodes and track listings are always kept up to date at the Master List in case you missed one (all episodes are downloadable).

For the full list of Juno Award nominees, you can head on over to the official website.

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Episode 8: Instrumental [March 28, 2006 | 8:50 am]
WE'RE BACK! With no lasting damage, other than that of the first week I've missed since I started Air That Grooves. Sorry about that. However, my recording equipment is now alive and well (or so it would seem) and Episode 8 is up for your listening pleasure.

Other things that have happened while down: I was interviewed by the lovely Sabine of Shameless magazine, so look for me and ATG in the July issue of said publication. I also was accepted to York University (!!!!!) so perhaps later on this will be running out of someplace in Toronto. Pretty cool.

Anyway, Episode 8 runs just under thirty minutes and you can download it here. Tag with "Episode #8" if my tags didn't go through. I am aware that the JTQ song starts with kids talking, but the cover itself is instrumental so I still included it.

I posted this while it was still uploading, so if you can't get to the file, wait two minutes and try again.

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Technical difficulties [March 20, 2006 | 7:46 pm]
I'm having loads of trouble with my recording equipment. Consequently, there will be no episode until, well, further notice. Sorry guys!

Episode 7: The Birthday Edition [March 12, 2006 | 8:40 pm]
Well, I am back from Toronto, and I am safe and sound. The audition went really well, and I managed to sneak in a great meetup with a bunch of people, many (or all?) of whom listen to this podcast. So woohoo.

On top of that, I am totally on time with Episode #7, so CHECK THAT OUT.

This episode runs just under 31 minutes. Download it here and please tag with Episode #7. This one is for my birthday, so it has a very loose theme - Ruhee's favourite songs! Technically that is the premise of this entire podcast, but this was basically just a bunch of songs I love love love and really wanted to share. So there you are.

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Episode 6: Favourite Songs I [March 5, 2006 | 8:32 pm]
Thanks to all of you who have been submitting your favourite songs! I am quite enjoying listening to all of them, and well, now you will too. This is the first of what I hope will be a sort of mini-series of podcasts for all the stuff you guys have sent. Thanks to this week's set of contributors, namely Barbara, dointhepanic, katho and triggerhare.

This episode runs about 28 minutes and you can download it here. Tag with "Episode #6," please and thank you.

Next week I will be in Toronto Thursday through Saturday auditioning at York University, but there will still be a podcast up on Sunday as I have been industrious enough to record it early. WOOHOO. So look out for that for sure. Thanks for listening, as usual - you guys rock!

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Episode 5: Down Home [February 27, 2006 | 8:51 pm]
Funny story. I was bidding on eBay for One Chord to Another with the Party Album and I was winning with 1 minute left to go, and then was outbid by someone from Brazil, and of course had no time to outbid them. So that was really unpleasant and not funny at all, and that is why I didn't upload this last night.

So I'm sorry :D

This episode is centred around CALGARY! Lately people have been talking about Vancouver a lot because of the 2010 Games and about Toronto a lot because they always talk about Toronto, so I decided it was time for us to have some spotlight. And on a totally unrelated note, this week I also got an email back from CBC Radio 3 that just said "Fan ... er ... stalker? ... mail. ;)" Seriously, that's all it said. I'm a bit apprehensive of them now.

Episode 5's runtime is about 33 minutes and features pretty much the most random selection of music so far (a cappella/comedic, jazz, indie rock, swing, country and classical). The Vailhalen track was recorded off of Radio 3 actually so I'm sorry that it's a bit muted. You can download it here! Tag with "Episode #5" as the title, thanks.

Also please continue to submit stuff for the favourite songs compilation type episodes, it is getting exciting, and I would love to be able to do more than one of them. So yay. Keep it comin', children!

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Episode 4: Late-Night Musings [February 20, 2006 | 3:25 pm]
As I type this, Canada has just won a gold medal in women's hockey! This is exciting news. I watched the whole game and man oh man. Those women were on fire. Well done, Team Canada; will the men follow suit?

Anyway, I'm sorry that this one is a bit late. I did finish it yesterday, but then we went to see Brokeback Mountain, and I got back at 12.30 in the morning. Ugh. I'm still having a few strange issues with my recording, so I think in most places my talking is a whole lot quieter than the music. This may or may not be an improvement.

Episode Four's runtime is about 32 minutes, and you can download it here (this is located on our real host now! a thousand thank yous to katho who has been running that whole thing and fixing all the problems). I also mentioned an 'alternate intro' for the rejected version of this episode - that was posted earlier and stayed up for a couple of days. It's gone now. If you didn't catch it, you didn't miss much; suffice to say it was a silly feat of editing that involved Jay Ferguson locking an intruder in the broom closet. Err.

As usual, tag with title "Episode #4" and artist "Air That Grooves" if the tags didn't come through correctly.

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NO MORE YOUSENDIT! [February 15, 2006 | 8:12 pm]
That's right, folks, you will no longer have to contend with limited-time downloads running out before you get a chance to check out an episode, and if you're just discovering the show you can still check out older ones. We have a host!

The lovely katho of glass-slipper.net has offered to host all the ATG episodes, so they will now be available on past posts as well as episodes to come. They will ALL be in .zip format, so none of you can play them directly and steal bandwidth ... ha ha ha.

In all seriousness: super thanks to Kath who is fabulous for helping out with that. WOOWOO! Stay tuned for this week's episode, of course, coming Sunday. Wall-to-wall excitement! Something like that.
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Episode 3: Citius, Altius, Fortius [February 12, 2006 | 4:23 pm]
Whew, I thought I would be late on this one but I made it with AGES to spare! Sorry about the slight delay.

Episode Three's running time is pretty short this time, just over twenty-two minutes I believe. You can download it from YouSendIt here - this link lasts only ten downloads) or, if that one is done, from the 25-download mirror here. Fear not, for there will be ATG for all.

As usual, last.fm please tag as follows:

TITLE Episode #3
ARTIST Air That Grooves

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NEWS: layout [February 5, 2006 | 11:10 am]
New layout from spiralbound_lj! It's fully customizable, so I plan to change the photo to another which is fairly similar. Just a newsflash. I think it looks a lot better than the weird colour scheme that I hacked out on Generator, and on top of that it fits the theme now.

airthatgrooves. Check it out.
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