airthatgrooves (airthatgrooves) wrote,

Episode 6: Favourite Songs I

Thanks to all of you who have been submitting your favourite songs! I am quite enjoying listening to all of them, and well, now you will too. This is the first of what I hope will be a sort of mini-series of podcasts for all the stuff you guys have sent. Thanks to this week's set of contributors, namely Barbara, dointhepanic, katho and triggerhare.

This episode runs about 28 minutes and you can download it here. Tag with "Episode #6," please and thank you.

Next week I will be in Toronto Thursday through Saturday auditioning at York University, but there will still be a podcast up on Sunday as I have been industrious enough to record it early. WOOHOO. So look out for that for sure. Thanks for listening, as usual - you guys rock!


Ben Kweller "The Rules" submitted by Trigger
The Weakerthans "Our Retired Explorer" submitted by Barbara
Janis Joplin "Summertime" submitted by Kath
The Constantines "On to You" submitted by Barbara
Sloan "The Marquee and the Moon" submitted by Natalia
Billy Joel "And So It Goes" submitted by me :)

Sloan "She Says What She Means"
All of you who submitted stuff!
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