airthatgrooves (airthatgrooves) wrote,

Episode 8: Instrumental

WE'RE BACK! With no lasting damage, other than that of the first week I've missed since I started Air That Grooves. Sorry about that. However, my recording equipment is now alive and well (or so it would seem) and Episode 8 is up for your listening pleasure.

Other things that have happened while down: I was interviewed by the lovely Sabine of Shameless magazine, so look for me and ATG in the July issue of said publication. I also was accepted to York University (!!!!!) so perhaps later on this will be running out of someplace in Toronto. Pretty cool.

Anyway, Episode 8 runs just under thirty minutes and you can download it here. Tag with "Episode #8" if my tags didn't go through. I am aware that the JTQ song starts with kids talking, but the cover itself is instrumental so I still included it.

I posted this while it was still uploading, so if you can't get to the file, wait two minutes and try again.


James Taylor Quartet "Whole Lotta Love"
Steve Vai "Beethoven's Fifth"
Jens Lindemann "Play That Funky Music"
The Shuffle Demons "Hawaii 5-0"
James Carter (actually Cyrus Chestnut) "Trigger Cut"
Alberta Honour Band 2005 "Puszta (III)"

Sloan "She Says What She Means"
YOU for waiting this long!
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Ruhee, that Jazz Pavement is ACE!

Also, do you HAVE "Spadina Bus?" I want to make a podcast about transit in Toronto (I have three others, I'll find more)

Yay for putting yourself in your podcast. I wish I could do that... w00t!
OH NO, lol I was making a Toronto one too (not Toronto transit, but still). That's ok, you can have it and I'll do mine ... never. I don't have the Demons song at the moment.
Ruh, I'm listening, but no evidence on :(

Maybe the episodes will show up there sometime . . . I hope.
Maybe. Sometimes there's a backlog and things don't show up for a while. Also if you stop or pause a song in between I have found that it doesn't log it, so watch for that too ... maybe? I'm not sure.

Yay though, thanks for listening!! I just (as in thirty seconds ago) posted a new episode for today also.