airthatgrooves (airthatgrooves) wrote,


Shameless magazine is out! And I am in it! This is exciting news.

You can download the .pdf file of the article here. Other podcasters featured prominently in said article are Allegra (xsingitback) and Mae (Sheep2Ewe). Go check them out too.

With this article comes also some new ideas. Besides loads of music (that I'm not really allowed to play, but so far, the audience has been small enough that the recording industry isn't after my butt; I have, however, been building up a collection of legally playable music, so hopefully in the next few episodes the playlist will start going thataway), what else do you guys like hearing? News? Weird stories? Comedy? What do you all listen to? Shout out. I want to know.

More episodes on the way. Thanks for the support, everybody!
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